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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Somebodies That You Tube Knows

As you know, we're only trying to do something different here at Altrok 90.5 HD2, and occasionally - quite rarely, (and by design, in fact) - something we play becomes a MASSIVE HIT. I can't say I predicted it for Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know", but I can honestly say that even though it became THE song on the radio for the early part of this summer, I still think it's pretty much a work of genius.

Of course, whenever anything becomes a hit, lots of people put up videos of themselves singing the hit record, or playing it on some instrument as a way of showing people how to play it, or interpreting it in some way, or parodying it, or what have you.

And now Gotye has returned the favor (for he apparently understands that these videos are, in fact, a favor, and not Copyright Infringements That Must Be Eradicated From The Internet) by cobbling together a whole new interpretation of the song out of the various reinterpretations he's found on the 'Net.

Feast yer squinties here:

You may be happy to know we're not playing the song as much as we used to - but actually, they never did send us the entire album...

(A hat-tip to BoingBoing for the link, by the way.)

Monday, August 13, 2012

JEFF The Brotherhood Tour All Over The Place

We've been playing JEFF The Brotherhood for a while, and even their individual members aren't necessarily strangers (they were involved at one time or another with Be Your Own Pet, who still turn up every now and again on our station) so it's nice to see them with a bit of a major label push and a big honkin' tour lined up.  Here's the details of that tour, courtesy a shiny new press release we got in the Altrok 90.5 HD2 inbox. Looks like (outside of the Mumford & Sons-curated shindig, the Gentlemen Of The Road tour stop in Bristol, TN) they're spending August and early September in Europe, and then heading to the US from late September through November. Hard work, but it's a great album they're touring behind, so it'll hopefully be worth it. (Keep an eye on the tour van, though, guys.)

Sat    Aug 11    Gentlemen Of The Road    Bristol, TN (w/Mumford & Sons)
Sat    Aug 18    Pstereo Festival    Trondheim, NOR
Mon    Aug 20    Malmo Festival    Malmo, SWE
Tue    Aug 21    White Trash    Berlin, GER
Wed    Aug 22    Molotov    Hamburg, GER
Thur    Aug 23    Noorderzon Festival    Groningen, HOL
Fri    Aug 24    Reading Festival    Reading, ENG
Sat    Aug 25    Leeds Festival    Leeds, ENG
Sun    Aug 26    T on The Fringe Fest    Edinburgh, SCOT
Tue    Aug 28    The Duchess    York, ENG
Wed    Aug 29    Ruby Lounge    Manchester, ENG
Thur    Aug 30    Thekla     Bristol, ENG
Fri    Aug 31    The Garage    London, ENG

Sat    Sep 1    1234 Festival    London, ENG
Mon    Sep 3    La Mecanique Ondulatoire    Paris, FRA
Sat    Sep 29    Starry Nights Festival    Bowling Green, KY

Wed    Oct 3    Opolis        Norman, OK
Fri    Oct 5    Low Spirits    Alb, NM
Sat    Oct 6    Sail Inn    Tempe, AZ
Sun    Oct 7    The Casbah    San Diego, CA
Tue    Oct 9    The Troubadour    W. Hollywood, CA
Wed    Oct 10    Cellar Door    Visalia, CA
Thur    Oct 11    Bottom of The Hill    San Francisco, CA
Sat    Oct 13    Dante's     Portland, OR
Sun    Oct 14    Crocodile    Seattle, WA
Tue    Oct 16    The Blank Club    San Jose, CA
Wed    Oct 17    Velvet Jones    Santa Barbara, CA
Fri    Oct 19    Alex Bar    Long Beach, CA
Mon    Oct 22    Stubb's Jr.    Austin, TX   
Tue    Oct 23    Club Dada    Dallas, TX
Wed    Oct 24    Juanita's Cantina    Little Rock, AR

Thur    Nov 15    The Pageant    St. Louis, MO (w/ Delta Spirit)
Fri    Nov 16    Bogart's    Cincinnati, OH (w/ Delta Spirit)
Sat    Nov 17    St. Andrew's Hall    Detroit, MI (w/ Delta Spirit)
Mon    Nov 19    H.O.B.     Chicago, IL (w/ Delta Spirit)
Wed    Nov 21    H.O.B.        Cleveland, OH (w/ Delta Spirit)
Fri    Nov 23    Theatre of Living Arts    Philadelphia, PA (w/ Delta Spirit)
Sat    Nov 24    The Fillmore    Washington, DC (w/ Delta Spirit)
Tue    Nov 27    TBC
Wed    Nov 28    H.O.B.        Boston, MA (w/ Delta Spirit)

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