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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Altrok's Top 30, 6/19/2012

Summer, if not officially here, is certainly affecting our mindset - especially on the hot days we're getting right now at the Jersey Shore. That's good for business, though - well, something's good for business these days, because we're suddenly breaking past previous high-water marks for online listenership.  This, as they say, is good.

Also good is the fact that, here at the Jersey Shore, you can listen almost anywhere, if you happen to have one of them newfangled HD Radios. Tune it to 90.5, and then switch to the HD2 channel, and we're all yours. (Hint: reception's better at the more northern beaches, but that may change soon, and for the better. We'll let you know.)

And so, without further adieu, the latest items at the top of our charts, as well as our most important newly-featured releases...


1       HOT CHIP        In Our Heads    Domino
2       JAPANDROIDS     Celebration Rock        Polyvinyl
3       JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD    "Sixpack" [Single]      Warner Brothers-Infinity Cat
4       FIDLAR  Don't Try [EP]  Mom And Pop
5       STILL FLYIN'    On A Bedroom Wall       Ernest Jennings
6       CRIBS   In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull Wichita
7       CRYSTAL FIGHTERS        Star Of Love    Atlantic
8       BABY MONSTER    City Of Lovers [EP]     Self-Released
9       TEAM ME To The Treetops Propeller
10      BRICK AND MORTAR        Brick And Mortar        Mad Dragon
11      JESCA HOOP      The House That Jack Built       Bella Union
12      MOONFACE        With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery      Jagjaguwar
13      PRIMUS  Green Naugahyde ATO
14      METRIC  Synthetica      Mom And Pop-MMI
15      ANTENNAS UP     The Awkward Phase       Plastic Artiface
16      WALKMEN Heaven  Fat Possum
17      EXITMUSIC       Passage Secretly Canadian
18      MACCABEES       Given To The Wild       Co-Op
19      MODE MODERNE    Strange Bruises [EP]    Light Organ
20      HUNDRED IN THE HANDS    Red Night       Warp
21      CYPRESS X RUSKO "Can't Keep Me Down" [Single]
22      BOUNCING SOULS  Comet   Rise
23      2:54    2:54    Fat Possum
24      DIRTY PROJECTORS        "Gun Has No Trigger" [Single]   Domino
25      LIARS   WIXIW   Mute
26      CHAPPO  Moonwater
27      KING TUFF       King Tuff       SUB POP
28      RIVER CITY EXTENSION    Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger   Xoxo-anchor and hope
29      GUIDED BY VOICES        Class Clown Spots A UFO GBV
30      MYNABIRDS       Generals        Saddle Creek


1       BLOOD RED SHOES "Cold" [Single]
2       JUKEBOX THE GHOST       Safe Travels    Yep Roc
3       STEPDAD Wildlife Pop    Black Bell
4       EVEREST         Ownerless       ATO
5       EMPIRES Garage Hymns

Hopefully, we're continuing to challenge you in an entertaining (and vaguely disconcerting) way; we've never promised anything less.  It's all waiting for you at...

Friday, June 15, 2012

90.5 The Night's "Songwriters In The Park" Lineup Revealed!

...and honestly, this lineup's a doozy!

All of the Songwriters In The Park shows are free (or nearly so if you factor in the parking in Red Bank, NJ and the gas to get you there, which ain't a lot...and the NJ Transit North Jersey Coast Line will get you there from NYC and points north and south as well.)

Once you're in the City By The Navesink (that's Red Bank), head for Riverside Gardens Park on W. Front Street with your lawn chair in tow (I hear they'll be everywhere) on these Fridays at 7:00pm (weather permitting) and you're pretty much guaranteed a good time. Having the Navesink as a backdrop is just a bonus.

Here's the lineup...

July 13 - Headlining Act: The Mastersons (from Steve Earle's Band) with Opening Act: Diego Garcia

July 20 - Headlining Act: Mindy Smith with Opening Act: Emily Grove

July 27 - Headlining Act: Scars on 45 with Opening Act: The Dunwells

August 3 - Headlining Act: Jukebox The Ghost with Opening Act: Lightning Jar

August 10
- Headlining Act: Willie Nile with Opening Act: Bruce Tunkel

August 17
- Headlining Act: River City Extension with Opening Act: Accidental Seabirds

August 24
- Headlining Act: Red Wanting Blue with Opening Act: Rick Barry

August 31
- (rain date)

As an additional bonus for Altrok listeners, several Altrok 90.5 HD2-friendly acts will be appearing as well. Come on out, enjoy the show (and the evening) and then enjoy a stroll 'round Red Bank. (You can put your lawn chair back in your car - the restaurants and bars have their own seats 'round here.)

Monday, June 11, 2012

An Easier To Listen To "Listen" Page

Allow us to navel gaze a moment, since we've gotten a new navel.

Um...okay, that metaphor got away from me, but the fact is, our old "listen now" page depended on your computer being set up to handle the links with a player which, even in the best of times, is a bit tricky.

So now the top link on the listen page is to our new pop-up player. Since we know your browser's actually properly installed, chances are the pop-up player will just work.

Give it a try at - let us know if you run into trouble, through the feedback link above.

And let us know if you like it, too...our ego can always do with a boost.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Altrok's Top 30, 6/5/2012

As the final notes of spring careen toward the summer solstice,, who am I kidding? We're playing lots of great music, and it really doesn't matter what time of year it is, 'cause we're always doing it. (Though if one were to suggest that this stuff sounds extra special on the beach, either here at the Jersey Shore or at any spot near a patch of water you find yourself within the reach of the Internet, we wouldn't raise a finger to correct you.)

Without further adieu, here's our latest Top 30, as reported to CMJ...


1       BEST COAST      The Only Place  Mexican Summer
2       DANDY WARHOLS   This Machine    The End
3       OCEANICS        Bright People [EP]      MGM
4       LOWER DENS      Nootropics      Ribbon
5       MOONFACE        With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery      Jagjaguwar
6       JAPANDROIDS     Celebration Rock        Polyvinyl
7       WINTERSLEEP     Hello Hum       Self-Released
8       ENOLA FALL      Introducing     Self-Released
9       METRIC  Synthetica      Mom And Pop-MMI
10      SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS   Ghostory        Vagrant
11      BEACH HOUSE     Bloom   SUB POP
12      MACCABEES       Given To The Wild       Co-Op
13      CRIBS   In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull Wichita
14      PASSION PIT     "Take A Walk" [Single]
15      EXITMUSIC       Passage Secretly Canadian
16      CROCODILES      Endless Flowers Frenchkiss
17      BRICK AND MORTAR        Brick And Mortar        Mad Dragon
18      WALKMEN Heaven  Fat Possum
19      FIDLAR  Don't Try [EP]  Mom And Pop
20      CRYSTAL FIGHTERS        Star Of Love    Atlantic
21      HUNDRED IN THE HANDS    Red Night       Warp
22      AMANDA MAIR     Amanda Mair     Labrador
23      2:54    2:54    Fat Possum
24      IAMDYNAMITE     "Stereo" [Single]
25      SCREAMING FEMALES       "It All Means Nothing" [Single]
26      BABY MONSTER    City Of Lovers [EP]     Self-Released
27      HOT CHIP        "Night And Day" [Single]        Domino
28      CHAPPO  Moonwater
29      MYNABIRDS       Generals        Saddle Creek
30      MODE MODERNE    Strange Bruises [EP]    Light Organ


1       FRIENDS Manifest!       Fat Possum
2       POMEGRANATES    Heaven  Modern Outsider
3       JAILL   Traps   SUB POP
4       JAPANDROIDS     Celebration Rock        Polyvinyl
5       BLACK BOX REVELATION    My Perception   Merovee

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