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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Altrok's Top 30, 2/21/2012

If Altrok 90.5 HD2 has had a really stellar lineup of new tracks lately, it's because more bands have been coming 'round to our way of thinking - that the best rock tracks are confident about challenging you, and they make you move while you're thinking. That's generally what we try to add hereabouts, and by and large there's enough new music of that sort out there that we're successful at it.

Of course, if it's the classic stuff we play that turns you on, this weekend heralds the coming of the Melody Bar Classic Era Reunion at the Elks Club in New Brunswick, NJ. That's Saturday night (2/25) and the decks will be unleashed at 7pm promptly. Myself and many of New Brunswick's alternative elite will be in full effect. It's an early night (ending at midnight) so getting there by the night's beginning is the ticket to getting in. Just saying.

Here's what we've been playing most over the past few days...

1 SLEIGH BELLS Reign Of Terror Mom And Pop
2 KI:THEORY "I Wanna Run" [Single] Kringer
3 YOUNG KNIVES Ornaments From The Silver Arcade
4 ROCKETS Rockets Creative Vibes
5 BIG PINK Future This 4AD
6 A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS Onwards To The Wall Dead Oceans
7 VARIOUS ARTISTS Please, Please, Please A Tribute To The Smiths (Compilation)
8 YOUNG REBEL SET Curse Our Love
9 GUIDED BY VOICES Let's Go Eat The Factory GBV
10 TING TINGS "Hang It Up" [Single] Columbia
11 WHITE RABBITS "Heavy Metal" [Single]
12 POLICA Give You The Ghost Totally Gross National Product
13 CLOUD NOTHINGS Attack On Memory Carpark
14 KAISER CHIEFS "On The Run" [Single] Universal
15 NADA SURF The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy Barsuk
16 PALOMAR Sense And Antisense Self-Released
19 FANFARLO "Shiny Things" [Single]
20 LITTLE BARRIE King Of The Waves Tummy Touch
21 YACHT Shangri-La DFA
22 ANI DIFRANCO Which Side Are You On Righteous Babe
23 CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG Stage Whisper Elektra-Because
24 PINK MINK Pink Mink little veronica
25 VARIOUS ARTISTS Ready Set Go (Compilation)
27 TWILIGHT SAD No One Can Ever Know FatCat
28 JOHN K. SAMSON Provincial Epitaph-Anti
29 NEW CASSETTES Winterhead Hype
30 FRANKIE ROSE Interstellar Slumberland

We just got a bumper crop of new music in, too, and we're weeding through it now - so far, there's much to recommend, and you'll hear it when you tune in at Altrok 90.5 HD2.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Melody Reflux 2012 Is Almost Here! 2/25/12...

Thanks to Fritch Clark, a little background:

So be ready - the Melody Bar Classic Era Reunion for 2012 (lovingly dubbed by Ed Wong as the "Melody Reflux") is ready to roll next Saturday night, February 25, 2012. It starts at 7pm, wraps up at midnight, and will feature many of the stalwarts who've held forth on the (real and virtual) wheels of steel over the past reunions: Pat, Lisa, Ed, Pete and myself (and we hear Matt is on the way.)  Stiffy Biceptz will be warning you to keep back, as always, Big John will be at the door - yeah. it'll be good. Get there early.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Altrok Top 30, 2/14/2012

Sure there's a whole lot of love on the Altrok Top 30 this week, but it's generally of the corrupt, curdled sort. We're not big on sentimentality 'round here. (Except for the bit where there's a Melody Bar Reunion coming up - then we're all for it. That's 7pm February 25 - and you know where, don'tcha?)

Without further adieu, the Top 30 releases we're playing these days...

1       GARY NUMAN      Dead Son Rising Mortal
2       HURRICANE BELLS Tides And Tales Invisible Brigades
3       A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS       Onwards To The Wall     Dead Oceans
4       SHINS   "Simple Song" [Single]  Columbia
5       CHARLES BRADLEY "Heartaches And Pain" [Single]  Dunham
6       PONDEROSA       Tellin' Lies [EP]
7       KI:THEORY       "I Wanna Run" [Single]  Kringer
8       BIG PINK        Future This     4AD
9       GUIDED BY VOICES        Let's Go Eat The Factory        GBV
10      LAURA WARSHAUER The Pink Chariot Mixtape        Self-Released
11      WHITE RABBITS   "Heavy Metal" [Single]
12      ROCKETS         Rockets Creative Vibes
13      FRANKIE ROSE    Interstellar    Slumberland
14      SLEIGH BELLS    "Born To Lose" [Single]
15      KAISER CHIEFS   "On The Run" [Single]   Universal
16      SHEARWATER      Animal Joy      Sub Pop
17      BEN KWELLER     Go Fly A Kite   Noise Company
18      ASTEROIDS GALAXY TOUR   Out Of Frequency        BMG
19      FANFARLO        "Shiny Things" [Single]
20      YOUNG REBEL SET Curse Our Love
21      POLICA  Give You The Ghost      Totally Gross National Product
22      PYYRAMIDS       Being Human [EP]        Paracadute
23      ANDREW BIRD     "Eyeoneye" [Single]     Mom And Pop
24      CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG    Stage Whisper   Elektra-Because
25      PINK MINK       Pink Mink       little veronica
26      JIMMY CLIFF     Sacred Fire [EP]        Aollective Sounds
27      YACHT   "Shangri-La" [Single]
28      BIG SLEEP       "Ace" [Single]
29      VARIOUS ARTISTS Please Please Please: A Tribute To The
Smiths  American Laundromat
30      VARIOUS ARTISTS Ready Set Go!   Defend

You'll hear them alongside about a hundred other currently awesome tracks, and thousands of classically awesome (from a Modern Rock perspective, at least) tracks, at Altrok 90.5 HD2. Go there and listen to that, willya?


Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Altrok 90.5 HD2 Top 30 (1/31/2012)

Here's a full accounting of all the releases we're playing the most at Altrok 90.5 HD2, as of yesterday...

1       NADA SURF       The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy  Barsuk
2       ENVY CORPS      It Culls You    Tempo Club
3       SHINS   "Simple Song" [Single]
4       BLACK KEYS      El Camino       Nonesuch
5       CHARLES BRADLEY "Heartaches And Pain" [Single]  Dunham
6       TWILIGHT SAD    "Sick" [Single] FatCat
7       JOHN K. SAMSON  Provincial      Epitaph
8       PALOMAR Sense And Antisense     Self-Released
9       LAURA WARSHAUER The Pink Chariot Mixtape        Self-Released
10      ZOOS OF BERLIN  Pallister Chant Time No Place
11      METRONOMY       Everything Goes My Way [EP]     Big Beat
12      ROSTAM  "Don't Let It Get To You" [Single]
13      GUARDS  "Do It Again"/"Feels Like That" [Single]        White Iris
14      SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS   "The Night" [Single]
15      CLOUD NOTHINGS  Attack On Memory        Carpark
16      GARY NUMAN      Dead Son Rising Mortal
17      BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB     A Different Kind Of Fix A&M-Octone
18      GOOD LUCK BEAR  The Nearest Faraway Place
19      FRANKIE ROSE    Interstellar    Slumberland
20      CLUBFEET        "Last Words" [Single]
21      BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN       "We Take Care Of Our Own" [Single]
22      KI:THEORY       "I Wanna Run" [Single]  Kringer
23      YOUNG REBEL SET Curse Our Love
24      GUIDED BY VOICES        Let's Go Eat The Factory        GBV
25      PHENOMENAL HANDCLAP BAND        Following       Tummy Touch
26      VARIOUS ARTISTS ReGeneration
27      YOUNG KNIVES    "Human Again" [Single]
28      TODAY THE MOON, TOMORROW THE SUN        Wildfire        Greyday
29      KAISER CHIEFS   Start the Revolution Without Me
30      KITTY CLEMENTINE        Kitty Clementine

See? We play good things! To find out for yourself, tune in to Altrok 90.5 HD2.


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