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Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Repo Clip (Borderline NSFW)

Courtesy MTV, a clip from "Repo! The Genetic Opera" featuring Terrance Zdunich as The Grave-Robber (and co-writer as well) with Alexa Vega, Paris Hilton, Sarah Brightman and Paul Sorvino...

You Shut Your Mouth, Or...

...I'm gonna make it into a new meme.

Kevin Smith held court tonight over a gallery that included Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, and pretty much everyone else that will be in "Zach And Miri Make A Porno", which (as soon as Smith gets the content down below an NC-17 rating) will be heading to a theater near you this Halloween.

In the scene they showed, Justin Long (the Mac Guy) plays a porn actor who specializes in titles that don't actually include any women, and it's him that utters the fateful phrase. It's gonna be all over, trust me...

Adding moral support: Jason Mewes (of course) and Traci Lords (of...course.)


Friday, July 25, 2008

"Spaced" Fans Suck!

That is, if you were taking up a seat at the Powerpuff Girls panel so you'd get a good seat at the Spaced panel in the same room immediately afterward...

Paris Hilton At Comic-Con

She carried herself rather well, though I cringed just a tad when she said Comic-Con was "hot"...

Thanks to Anne-Laure for the pic, who managed to have a camera ready with better resolution than my cell phone when things got weird. There's more, which I'll update with when I've got the time - but breakfast awaits.

UPDATE: A bit more context from my cell phone...

That Bill Moseley on the left, and Alexa Vega on the right. All involved were pretty wonderfully gracious, so good on 'em.

Whatever will today bring?

Had some after-hours drinks last night which brought me right up to snuff, jet-lag wise...and having the "you're not gonna believe who I saw on a panel" story in my back pocket was a plus.

Today, there's a Powerpuff/Foster's panel, the Watchmen panel, and possibly a litle Kevin Smith and MST3K...stay tuned.

I don't know quite what to make of this...

Eh, what the heck...Paris Hilton hereby gets an official namedrop here at Altrok, 'cause I just saw her enter the convention center.

Honestly, Hunter S. Thompson would have put his psychiatrist on danger money, baby...

Update: Well, it turns out Paris' appearance was part of a perfect storm of weird, because she's also in this film... Along with Anthony Stewart Head, Paul Sorvino and Sarah Brightman.

And Joan Jett.

I can't not watch.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Goal: Catch Repo (With, Yes, Some Music Involved...)

I'm not sure what to make of "Repo! The Genetic Opera", other than its schedule blurb, which explains that Darren Lynn Bousman directs (he did the last three Saw movies,) Alexa Vega from Spy Kids and Bill Moseley from The Devil’s Rejects star, and Ogre from Skinny Puppy is somehow involved.

Yeah, I'm there.

Onion Boy

Athena Mariah LaRue pens delicate images that threaten to evaporate if left uncared for - so it's fortunate they so easily find a place to inhabit in any consciousness that bothers to pay attention.

With The Adventures Of Onion Boy, she self-publishes her way into a new area of dream state previously explored by Winsor McCay and Edward Gorey - check her out at .

A duet?

John Barrowman (Torchwood's Captain Jack) and Naoko Mori (Torchwood's Tosh Sato) just did a song from "Miss Saigon"...

See? There's music happening at Comic Con..

Stephen Moffat on Neil Gaiman writing for Doctor Who

"I can absolutely confirm that that would be nice."

Food is good.

Made my first of (probably) three appearances at Cafe 222 earlier - as always, the pumpkin waffle was as magnificent as a waffle can be. Terrel, the owner, told me she's opened a new restaurant in East Downtown (currently mostly warehouses, soon to not be) called Guild, so that's on the radar for Friday. I first started hitting Cafe 222 twelve years ago at my first Comic Con, and wasn't ever disappointed...

Now I'm waiting on the start of the Freakazoid panel...

Bruce Timm, Paul Rugg, Paul Dini, Sherri Stoner, Rich Arons, Andrea Romano, and Jean MacCurdy are here. Nice.

Getting the hang of Thursday

Up at 5:30am... only a bit jetlaggy and with abuot 7 hours of sleep. Likely a San Diego Comic-Con record.

Today, if I'm lucky, I'll see some interesting things...a peek at Watchmen would be nice...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shhh... I'm Checking Out "Fringe"

I'm in a ballroom in San Diego far away from home tonight, about to take in the pilot episode of the new series "Fringe". Having failed utterly to link up with anyone I know...well, here I am.

Ran into Michael Uslan earlier, though. He's looking at good things in the future for the movie he produced...and considering said movie is "Batman: The Dark Knight", that's very good indeed.

Anyway, blurbs as they occur. Some might actually have something to do with music...


After J. J. Abrams's taped intro for the Comic-Con, the show unspooled...

There's twists of all sorts here - and I can give it no greater honor than to say that it kept my jet-lagged brain occupied, and I only looked at my watch once. The intro is grisly in a way I've not seen done on television before. The characters are solid, including one who's a new take on the idea of the "mad scientist" - this show follows what happens when he's locked away, and the stuff he thought was too dangerous happens anyway (though I did notice the name "Hannibal Lechter" pop up in my mind at least once.) You're in for a ride - I recommend it.

Took a walk of the roughly half-mile-long exhibit floor afterward. Thousands of people, and Lou Ferrigno (who, it must be said, looks damn good.)

It's gonna be a weird week.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

When it rains... (an apology)

If you're listening to Altrok Radio right now, thanks for that - it's taking a herculean effort to get it to you, but that's only because the cable company that wants to sell me phone service over the Internet can't keep a connection up for more than five minutes at a time when I try to upload anything (like a new day's playlist.)

Listeners to our Mono station, in fact, may have already noticed that yesterday's playlist is still running. Sorry 'bout that...trying to work it out...hopefully, tomorrow's playlist will be tomorrow's playlist.

As for the FM Showcase, it's the least listened-to station, so it kind of loses. It's really good right now if you haven't heard it yet, but I've yet to update it this week.

Bear with me...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Where The Eighties Went, And Other Updates

Admittedly, Eighties Friday has represented a bit of an indulgence in living in the past - and frankly, if Altrok Radio stays in the past too long, its grip on the present may loosen.

For that reason, we'll be putting Eighties Friday on hiatus for a while. It has gone from being the highest-rated day at Altrok Radio to the lowest - and if our audience is moving on, maybe we should, too.

That said, you should know that our commitment to classic tracks continues unabated. Those tracks are, rightfully, the cornerstone of everything we do, and we're doing a lot right now to expand our library even more to encompass the good stuff that came out back then.

So if you're unhappy about losing the solid block of Eighties, let us know - we'll try to find some way to accommodate you...and if you tuned out Fridays because there wasn't anything new, tune in again, because there is.

And remember...

-- check out our two-hour FM Showcase airing at 10pm Eastern tonight at 90.5 The Night; we've got new tracks from Bloc Party, Black Ghosts and Wire, and classics too!

-- head to the Corner Tavern in New Brunswick (the corner in question is that of Easton & Somerset) Saturday night for the NextUnderground soiree; no cover, a rather fine dance floor (as long as you use it, otherwise the pool players start moving the pool tables back out) and a great selection of new and true alternative, and classics too...

-- finally, remember that the only way I know you're out there is if you tune in. If you're not there, I figure I'm doing something wrong, and I start changing things...

Thanks, as always, for listening.

Altrok Radio at

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Altrok Radio Music Update #208

Firstly, the important stuff:

Altrok Radio is at

Please remember to tune in whenever you can - every hour you listen turns into more visibility for the station; we show up higher in search listings, and such like that. And if you'd like to help us keep the stream running, check out the advertisers if they appeal to you; your interest actually helps fund us.

Now then, in addition to the outstanding Altrok Radio music mix that got us an Editor's Pick nod at Live365 and at, we've added features we know you'll like...

Mondays at 11:30am Eastern (with a preview at 0730 GMT) you get to hear Sean Carolan (often referred to in these dispatches as "me") showcase the new music we've added this week on the Altrok Radio FM Showcase. New stuff, classic stuff, and Jeff Raspe with his Altrok Radio Underground Pick Of The Week...

And on Friday, it's Altrok's Eighties Friday: music from the eighties that mattered then AND now. An eight hour playlist that features some of the best that decade had to offer, drawing from all the music that was available at the time (yes, even from the seventies.)

But for now - we've got songs to let you know about.

This week, our Grinders (the stuff we play heavily) include music from:

- Theoretical Girl
- James
- Ipso Facto
- Does It Offend You Yeah
- Patti Rothberg
- The Von Bondies

Plus we've got newly-added music:

- Black Francis - The Seus
- The Contrast - Caught In A Trap
- Courteeners - No You Didn't, No You Don't
- Dega Breaks - All Night
- Esser - I Love U
- Frightened Rabbit - Fast Blood
- Ladytron - Runaway
- Portishead - Machine Gun
- The Rascals - Freakbeat Phantom (Radio Version)
- Sky Parade - We Should Be Lovers
- Teitur - Catherine The Waitress
- Thailand - Favorite Sun
- We Are Scientists - Chick Lit (Radio Edit)
- The Xcerts - Do You Feel Safe

Our Featured Classics:

- The Alarm - The Stand
- Captain Sensible - Glad It's All Over
- Joe Jackson - The Harder They Come
- The Jesus And Mary Chain - Just Like Honey
- Romeo Void - Not Safe
- Siouxsie And The Banshees - The Killing Jar
- The Smithereens - Behind The Wall Of Sleep
- The Smiths - What She Said
- Sniff 'n' The Tears - Driver's Seat
- Talking Heads - I'm Not In Love

- Sean Carolan
Altrok Radio
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