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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Pocket Gods on John Peel Day

The Pocket Gods, whose "Jombal Party" has already been featured on Altrok Radio, let us know they were playing a John Peel Day gig in London today, which reminded us that, yeah, we ought to be doing something for the day as well. Claire from the band agreed to sit down (virtually) with Altrok for a bit of a chat, with Annie chiming in and Mark providing the communication link...

Q: Who are you, and what are you on about?

A: We are angels sent by god to spread love and save the world. No, seriously (not too much) in a world obsessed with having things, we like to show that real joy is in the simplest of things, like a jumble sale, or eating curry. it's all about nurturing your soul to find contentment. We spend alot of time nurturing our souls. if we can spread that joy to others, make the listener smile, then we've done a good deed that day!

Q: We hear a joyful noise thrashing from my speakers when I load up your tracks and press "play".

A: Job done, then! The tunes we've made so far don't seem easy to categorise, nor fit into an existing genre. Some are a bit punky (Jombal Party), some rock 'n' rolly (VVBUD), and a few pretty melodies (Night Lights). So choose your track to fit your mood, or the mood you want to be elevated to.

Q: What triggers your desire to come up with a song?

A: We have a great time when we are all together writing songs. Generally Mark will come up with a song, then we'll work together on lyrics. We had this old song of Mark's called "new row seas" which was a very rocky number (about neurosis). I suggested we re-use the track but write new lyrics about something completely fluffy & throw away, rather that psychological problems (not so much fun). We pondered on it for some time. One Saturday we went to a jumble sale at tour local village hall. Ani & I were clinging to each other, it was really scary. We felt the need to calm ourselves at the pub on the way home, and the idea struck. We wrote 'Jombal Party' in about 5 minutes, fitting to the old riff of new row seas. It is one of my favourites.

We also write about motorway prostitutes and blow-up sex toys.

Q: John Peel was kind enough to play you, and it's our mutual fascination with the man that got us in contact. With John Peel Day 2007 coming up, what plans do you have to celebrate (beyond the session you've provided us here at Altrok Radio?)

A: We are playing a gig in Kings Cross, London that night, it is a special John Peel evening. Radio 1 are going to feature it on their website. [Confirmed; Huw Stevens even mentioned it on air last night. -Ed.]

Q: And beyond that?

A: We've been offered a place at an international music industry event for new bands, in Manchester. The event was first organised by The Late Great Tony Wilson. After that we will be doing more recording & writing new songs. We have also recorded a christmas song for Cherryade, they liked what we did last year for them, so make sure you buy a copy of 'A Very Cherry Christmas 3' this year. An ideal stocking filler.

Q: What makes you happy, anyway?

CLAIRE: So many things... alcohol, champagne, chocolates from Fortnum and Mason, being in Soho, being in love, being in a band

ANNIE: The usual; meditation, detoxing and healthy living really. HA! No; weird times, weird people and having an unusual working mind.

Many thanks, again, to The Pocket Gods for nudging Altrok Radio to jump start this roller coaster, and then hopping on for the ride.


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