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Friday, October 26, 2007

Altrok Radio might go away.

We built Altrok Radio to be the alternative station that's as good as you remember alternative radio was. The key thing to remember here is that there always seems to "have been" a good alternative the past tense. But how many are there, really?

Furthermore, if they were so good, why did they go away?

The answer's simple. Good intentions and dedication to craft can only motivate for so long. Ultimately, those good intentions and dedication to craft have to be supported. Financially, spiritually, with the occasional "attaboy" or the fling of a coin in the tip bucket, somehow, something has to happen that actually justifies those good intentions.

And for Altrok Radio right now, it ain't happening.

A lot of time and effort go into it. And a lot of people have said "Hey, that's nice - glad to have something like that around." Newspaper articles have been written, awards have been bestowed.

We've honestly done some pretty cool things. Dramarama's John Easdale performed live on our station, as did Spiraling, and Seedling, Rubicks, Miss World, Pocket Gods and Persil have done original sessions for it. We're nominated for three Asbury Music Awards this year. We've been mentioned several times at BBC Radio 1.

It seems that people like that we're around. But that's not enough.

What can you do? Tune in. Check out our advertisers if they interest you. Tell us what's wrong with it, or what's right.

Be there for us. We really do need you; without you, we don't exist. Literally.


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