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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So, Who've You Told?

So here's the deal: we need listeners. Always have, always will. We need 'em to justify our existence, slight though it may be.

All that's because we live and die on the number of listeners we have. Really. Every time someone somewhere starts listening, a computer somewhere goes "click!" and tallies up a new listener for us.

Eventually, this computer gets together with other computers (on the computers-only golf course, or wherever) and they compare notes between my clicks and all the other clicks all the other web stations get. And if I start getting more clicks, they start thinking, "Hey, this guy's getting more clicks. Maybe we should show him to more people so we get more clicks too." And thus a small snowball of listenership rolls into an avalanche.

But that's getting ahead of things. This is about you...and more specifically, what you can do to help us.

Here it is:

Get someone else to listen. Anyone will do. We don't discriminate - we leave the discriminating up to you; we figure it's the fact that you're a discriminating listener that brought you to us in the first place.

If everyone listening today found one more listener, we'd double our listenership (yes! Math skills are important!)

And our listenership will go up even more if you listen, too. And you know you'll hear things you might know, and that you might not know - we're pretty good about that whole "new music you haven't heard before" thing, alongside the "not so new music you might have known existed, but then again might not have so that's alright then" thing.

Long story short: tune in. Bring someone else into the fold, too. Why leave 'em out?


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