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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Altrok's Top 30, 2/28/2012

You keep listening, we'll keep playing - here's the top 30 releases on Altrok 90.5 HD2 we played in the past week...

1       FRANKIE ROSE    Interstellar    Slumberland
2       LITTLE BARRIE   King Of The Waves       Tummy Touch
3       YOUNG REBEL SET Curse Our Love  EMI
4       POLICA  Give You The Ghost      Totally Gross National Product
5       CLOUD NOTHINGS  Attack On Memory        Carpark
6       TREMOR LOW      Kingmaker EP
7       WHITE RABBITS   Milk Famous     TBD
8       VARIOUS ARTISTS Please Please Please: A Tribute To The Smiths  American Laundromat
9       YOUNG KNIVES    Ornaments From The Silver Arcade
10      VARIOUS ARTISTS Ready Set Go!   Defend
11      PORCELAIN RAFT  Strange Weekend Secretly Canadian
12      ISLANDS A Sleep And A Forgetting        Anti
13      TING TINGS      "Hang It Up" [Single]   Columbia
14      SOFT SWELLS     Soft Swells     Modern Outsider
15      KAISER CHIEFS   "On The Run" [Single]   Universal
16      NADA SURF       The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy  Barsuk
17      GRIMES  Visions 4AD
18      MAGIC WANDS     "Space" [Single]
19      JOHN FOXX AND THE MATHS Evergreen
20      ASTEROIDS GALAXY TOUR   Out Of Frequency        BMG
21      SAN CISCO       Awkward Self-Released
22      NEW CASSETTES   Winterhead      Hype
23      CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG    Stage Whisper   Elektra-Because
24      SANTIGOLD       "Disparate Youth" [Single]      Downtown
26      VALERY TRAILS   Ghosts & Gravity
27      FANFARLO        "Shiny Things" [Single]
28      JOHN K. SAMSON  Provincial      Epitaph-Anti
29      SLEIGH BELLS    Reign Of Terror Mom And Pop
30      THE DO  Both Ways Open Jaws     Six Degrees

If you want to know what'll make the chart next week (or just want to hear a lot of good music) tune in at Altrok 90.5 HD2...



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