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Friday, February 09, 2007

Melody Bar Reunion Party Update for 2/9/07

Well it's just about week before the event. We have now found crazy Tommy, and word is Cal will make it. I hope Steve does too. Folks are coming in from all over the country. Apparently Danna Day is now living in Florida, and needs airfare and a hotel to stay in if she is going to make it. Contact us if you feel like paying to get Danna here for the event. The last few names I can think of are Mort Darouti, Morris, and Joanna Camaranopolis, and Arlene and Marylin Merz.

It looks like we are going to have a few hundred for our party, so get there early and enjoy the fun, because it will go by fast. Remember it starts at five. There will be a slide show, and some cool giveaways that will remain a surprise. Along with Matt there will be half dozen or so other Mel DJ's from our time eager to jump in and give Matt some schmooze time.

Please make sure to thank Bruce, the owner of the Loop for his willingness to let us have our event in his club. The best way to do that will be to buy a couple of drinks. It doesn't have to be alcoholic. He has really been about as cool as can be.

A few have asked me what they should wear. The dress code is Melody garb. If you wore a leather jacket, then wear that. Just come as your former self. As many a Melody invite would say, attend to enjoy.

A few of you have asked about spouses. Let me reiterate, ALL SPOUSES ARE WELCOME, NO MATTER HOW OLD.

One more thing. If we get a blizzard, the event will be on the following Saturday, the 24th.

Now let me address the issue about the age restriction. I apologize to those who were under the impression that this was an all ages event. I admit that although it has clearly been stated from the begining to be a private party for the 80's gang, the specific age cutoff of 35 should have been stated earlier. I did not forsee the impact that instant communication was going to have. I know a few of you were disappointed, and I'm sorry for that. But none the less, the restriction will be enforced, and it is a private party. Now please keep reading.

It is clear that the concept of a Melody reunion party has triggered a strong response in a lot of people. When those of us responsible for the idea floated it to the old timers, they all went nuts. We knew we had touched a nerve and that many would be interested in this. So we set up a private event for our Melody 80's "class" and with single phone call, the event was set.

Since this is apparently such a great idea, the solution is for someone from the nineties scene to simply arrange your own Melody reunion event. Think about it for a moment. We have no monopoly on the Melody. Anyone could have done this previously, and can do it now and every weekend if they like. So do exactly what we did. Find a place in New Brunswick, and run it by the owner. Given the energy this has generated, any club owner would be a fool not to host your event.

And you might want to ask Bruce from the Loop, maybe he'd be interested in doing another event for the younger scene. All it took was one phone call.

If you weren't part of the original Mel crowd, you are not going to miss anything, trust me. Just do your own event, and I promise, none of us forty somethings will be the slightest bit upset if you say no one over 35.

I completely understand those of you from the Melody 90's "class" have the similar emotional connection to the place. For most of the old timers, it damn near approaches a religous experience. Now that might sound a bit silly, but trust me, many of us wouldn't be uncomfortable with that description.

So do your thing in your own way, and try to understand why us oldsters just want to have our own crowd and our own music for a few hours. The club opens to the public at 11 or so, so you can come see us then, if we haven't already gone home to sleep by then.


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