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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Altrok Saturday: Your Last Chance To Hear The Melody Reunion

Here's the schedule for your Saturday on Altrok Radio (and if you're listening in mono on Altrok Radio SD, read on for a little present):

Until 5:00pm Eastern: A fresh update of the award-winning Altrok Radio mix, featuring our Grinders (the songs we want to make sure you hear) plus classic tracks that stay relevant and new tracks that live up to our classic standards.

At 5:00pm Eastern: Your first of two final chances to hear the five hours of live club mayhem straight outta the critical '85-'92 period as The 2007 Classic Melody Bar Reunion Replay holds center stage! Playing back the way it did last Saturday at the highly successful Brigadoon-like reappearance of the legendary nightclub's spirit, just as it happened at Passaic NJ's Loop Lounge. (With the occasional identifier thrown in just so's ya know who you're listening to.) Your DJs: Ed Wong, Pete Santiago, Lisa Uber, Andrew Prescott, Del, Bruce Ciccone and Pat Pierson.

(Plus, the slideshow Stiffy Biceptz put together for the event is right here, too! Ain't technology wunnerful?)

10:00pm Eastern: It's The 2007 Classic Melody Bar Reunion Replay all over again - one last time! (The time's approximate; it'll start as soon as the previous one finishes.)

Where's all this at? You're soaking in it - just click the Click2Listen link over there...

And be prepared for Monday, when all the new tracks we featured on our FM Showcase fall into our playlist, our Grinders get updated, and all becomes right with the world. (A bit, anyway.)

Incidentally, folks listening on Altrok Radio SD (in mono for slower connections) keep getting the short end of the stick, so to make it up to you, the Melody Reunion Replay is running all day, until tomorrow morning. (You're welcome.)


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