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Thursday, January 11, 2007

And Lo, There Was A Melody Bar...

And on the 17th, they shall rock...

Ladies and gentlemen, let the word go out to all the faithful, to all those yearning for fun, to all those in search of an evening of wild dancing and schmoozing with long lost friends and former lovers...

I am pleased to announce that on Saturday February 17th at the Loop Lounge in Passaic at 5 pm, Matt Pinfield and I, Stiffy Biceptz, in coordination with Neck Bite Snake Dance Records and sponsored by the American Professional Tanning Association (APTA) and the Musician Fitness Council (FTC) will be hosting the first ever


This event is for Melody Bar refugees from the early days, circa '85 to '92, and is free for all. There will be a cash bar, an amazing slide show of photos taken by yours truly from back in the day, and nothing but authentic Melody Bar music from 85-92. So if you were a regular Melody Bar patron and miss what was likely the happiest time of your life, this is an event you do not want to miss. I have contacted an enormous number of the core regulars from those days and they are all going to be there without exception. There will be an amazing collection of alumni bouncers, bartenders and DJs in attendance, so here's your chance to tip them one more time now that you have the money to do so. And of course, Matt will be spinning!

There are a few old timers we have not yet been able to contact, so if you know how to contact them, or you ARE one of them, then let me know by emailing me at A few of the missing are Joe Canavan, big John the Bouncer (motorcycle man), Tim Fokker, Frank Blassuci, Kara Tibus, Torsten Herbertz, Irene Bogner, Misty Spencer, and Frank McGuire.

So your mission is to contact all of your old time Melody friends and tell them about this event, and make sure they make it. Matt will be spinning, I'll be dancing, what more could anyone want? Of course spouses are welcome, just as long as they don't mind meeting your debaucherous past. Mrs. Biceptz has wisely decided to stay home with the boys.

Remember, what happens at the Melody reunion party stays at the Melody reunion party.

For those of you who have been aware of this event for awhile, please note the DATE CHANGE TO FEBRUARY 17TH.

Anyone with photos from our time and would like to have them included in the slide show please email me a jpeg version right away. I will have copies of the slide show available for the first bunch of people who arrive, but no promises my supply of CD's will last.

Anyone with questions or issues or wondering whether they should be pre-tanned before attending, just email me at .

I'll see you there!



Blogger Jersey Girl said...

I did a blog reminiscing about the Mel on my MySpace site...please check it out and share your memories, too!!

Laura in NJ

2:41 AM, January 22, 2007  
Blogger wrekehavoc said...

my gawd, the nights hennerty and i begged matt pinfield to play smiths for us. it's all coming back like a fuzzy navel flashback! i blogged about the club shmel's demise awhile back:

so glad to hear about a reunion of sorts. if only we lived in NJ...


2:42 PM, January 30, 2007  
Blogger aina said...

OMG, Irene Bognar...that's me!!!! I am honored to be on this Melody-head search list. Thank you Stiffy.

Peter Lomkong just emailed me with the word... funny that I just mentioned the Melody days to a friend of mine yesterday too. :D

I'd LOVE to go, but I'm all the way in Baton Rouge, Lousiana!

Scoot it back to my NJ trip on April 2 and I'd be there without a doubt.

I am thrilled that you guys are doing this and will definitely spread the word!!!! How about a Melody Reunion live webcast? A reunion mix cd of the musical magic? Exclusive pics of the crazy night?

Needless to say I'm SOOOOOOO jealous, but it's great that all of you will be together again. You will have a blast!

Peace and smiles, lots of hugs to the crew too. with last name Kato

Heck, get you bods here to New Orleans for the Jazzfest. ;)

4:16 PM, January 31, 2007  

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